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  • “The Way Home” – 14 Years Later

    14 years ago, in the Spring of 2008, I released my 2nd studio album. I had very little free time available, with 3 kids and running a PMO team at HSBC. I’ve always made time for music since getting into the tech world around 1991. This particular album project was especially challenging since I had […]

  • New Single, “Waterloo”

    This song was inspired by several trips to Waterloo, IA. It’s really about any small town USA, where it’s great to place to grow up. Then maybe you stay – or go. ~Available everywhere on 9/10/21~Find on your fav service It’s a great lifeAlive and kickin’Motor runnin’Living every day by the hour, by the minuteWe […]

  • Change is good

    I’ve made a few changes for my music and blog site.  What you are looking at is the new blog which will be at mikeechlin.com. My original website containing my music, gigs, etc. can be found at music.mikeechlin.com. Welcome back and let’s talk!  What say you?

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hello! I hope you all are enjoying a day off and giving some thanks! I spent the morning in the studio working on some new songs by Nick Kraly. Look for these new tracks in December. There are three new songs posted on 1000SongMission.com this wee…