4 thoughts on “The Problem With Music”

  1. I would like to mention that it is VERY unlikely that sharing an mp3 with your sister will get you thrown in jail. However, the fact that it is illegal casts a negative light on the action in general.

  2. Good points Mike.
    For me, I think the issue is that there is so much music out there, I feel less attached to a particular act than I used to. I generally listen to Pandora, but do not really “follow” any particular act anymore, or buy albums. The lasts act I followed were Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros & Rodrigo & Gabriela. Both were talented, had an engaging story, and put on a great show.

      1. It’s almost like when I was a kid I wished that there would be more variety. But when I was served endless variety on a platter, I was overwhelmed.

        Time constraints are definitely part of it.

        But another part of it is organization. I have so many avenues for listening to music – pandora, spotify, itunes, youtube, radio, my music collection, I listen less often. Perhaps if I had a one stop shop to go to for music, that I bought into, I would use it more often.

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