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NFTs in 2022

Happy New Year! Hope this year finds you healthy and brings you many good things.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the blockchain and NFTs and getting very interested in the potential. As I always do, diving in the deep end and learn by doing. As such, I’ve launched my first NFT collection on!

My collection is a numbered lot of CDs. “The Way Home” is my 2nd studio album and I’ve created NFTs that are linked to 10 physical copies of the CD. I’m looking at more of what the metaverse does with this, rather than trying to make any money from the NFTs.

If this is all confusing and you want to learn more, please ask me anything on Twitter and we can all learn together.

Music New Music

New Single, “Waterloo”

This song was inspired by several trips to Waterloo, IA. It’s really about any small town USA, where it’s great to place to grow up. Then maybe you stay – or go.

~Available everywhere on 9/10/21~
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It’s a great life
Alive and kickin’
Motor runnin’
Living every day by the hour, by the minute
We were living like kings
In Waterloo

Cruisin down the causeway
Windows down and Ozzy up
We knew we were headed somewhere
Far from here

Once in a while I get to thinkin’
That times were tough
And we did the best we could
Then all this time later
I see that it was exactly as it should

Oooo Waterloo

Mike Echlin

Credits: Adam Gardner – Bass, Hammond B3, Mixing Engineer
Album Art – Afifa

Music New Music

New Single – “Let Me In”

Let Me In

I wrote this song about 10 years ago. I tend to write songs and then there’s something about it that isn’t fitting, so I put it on the shelf. I was about to re-shelve this one until I found a great acoustic drum beat that fit the song perfectly.

~Available everywhere on 7/2/21~

I’m on the outside looking in
So how would it feel
To let me in
Forget the things that your mother told you
About the friends you made and the enemies around you
They all surround you
Like people at a parade

Will you be there for me
Will you wait for me

Everyone pitches in
To solve your only problem
So how do you fit in
To the unfitting ways of the world?
They just don’t fit

If I could help you through
All the things that ail you
Would you let me in, let me in?

Mike Echlin
New Music

New Song, “The Truth Lies In Confusion”

In January 2020, I wrote this new song with the working title ‘Confusion.’ Obviously, I had no idea how the year would play out and this song would turn out to be very relevant. I guess you could call it my “2020 song.”

Today, I’m excited to officially release the song to the world. Some have said it sounds a bit R.E.M.ish

~Available everywhere on 4/2/21~

Rockets landing from the sky
I’m in my head and I don’t know why
People passing one by one
Daylight crashing from the sun

It happens fast
What happens fast?
Everything – all at once
The truth lies in confusion

Rockets fly up in the sky
You’re in my head and I don’t know why
People talking one on one
Daylight crashing from the sun

Mike Echlin

All About That Bass

I’m a huge fan of the bass guitar. I think it’s the most underrated instrument in modern music. If you took the bass out of 90% of the rock songs between 1972 – 2000, those songs would be completely different.

Bass was my second instrument and started playing at 15 years old. My first bass was a red Hondo. Haven’t seen one since then. I think I either sold it or gave it to my friend Pete Scales and then “upgraded” to a Peavey Patriot 🤣!

This is my one and only bass now.

It’s an Ibanez SDGR and I found it at a pawn shop here in West Dundee, IL a few years back. It has an active pickup that sounds great direct into my DAW. Someday soon I’ll pick up a Fender P-Bass or Jazz.

My love for the bass started with the band Rush in 1981. As I dug deep into their music, I realized Geddy Lee played both bass and keys – and piano is my first instrument. So naturally, I started emulating what he did and learned a bunch of Rush songs on bass and keys. The pinnacle of bass/keys combo is of course the song “Tom Sawyer.”

In 2018, Geddy Lee published “Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass” that has garnered many accolades by musicians around the world.

Today, as I write songs, I try and bring in bass parts as soon as possible since the song really starts to make sense to me with the low-end definition. Sometimes, I’ll even start with a bass line, then add drums and go from there. Those songs tend to be more interesting (IMO). My song Nowhere Fast is an example of that.

New Music

My Computer Kept Crashing…

My computer kept stopping with a “system overload” error as I was trying to record the acoustic guitar part.  My Macbook Pro is old but mighty (for a while longer I hope!). I changed some parameters and finished the track. Then, listened back. Horrible. “This sucks, @#$%! it” and I closed Logic (recording software). 

Then I sat there and thought of all the advice I give my kids… “It’s supposed to be hard, that’s how you learn” “It’s always darkest before dawn” – and lots of other supposed wisdom. So, I shook my head and re-opened the song. “I’m going to dive deeper and find this damn song” – An hour later I found it. The perfect vibe for the song – something that has eluded me for years. I may have had a little breakthrough.

So, here it is –  the unreleased song of the month: “Let Me In”


Bird on a Horse

Bird on a Horse

That’s it. This is the entire post.

For The Good Life

Golf 2020

Really into golf this year. The pandemic has injected a renewed interest in the game. Most courses I’ve played have been packed and I see a lot of young players.

John M & Me at Randall Oaks Golf Club

A few years back, it seemed the sport was dying. Who knows, this could save the industry?

For The Good Life


There are good humans
There are bad humans
White, black, brown, tan, orange, whatever color
There are people with irrational beliefs based on some tragedy from years past
There are people with mental issues and chemical imbalances
There are politicians

There are soul-less people and there are amazing generous people
Politics can’t solve every issue.

Your vote can solve some public issues
Your heart can solve the real issues.


I Threw A Rock Once

In my youth, 30+ years ago I threw a rock. I was mad at an institution that I felt failed me. I was angry. I was afraid. I was frustrated. I blamed the institution.

What I learned over time of course, is that it was 100% on me. My failures, my anger was all due to my own fear and confusion. We are all looking for someone/something to blame when things aren’t going right. This is primal fear at work. Every single human experiences it. Given the right (or wrong) set of circumstances, fear materializes in many different ways: addiction, abuse, homicide, vandalism, etc.

Every vandal, looter and criminal running the streets right now are projecting a fear that has been festering for a long time. They are using #BLM as a vehicle to expel the fear.

We are dealing with two distinct issues right now. Racism and fear. One needs to be dealt with externally and one internally.