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  • Golf 2020

    green grass field beside body of water under blue sky during daytime

    Really into golf this year. The pandemic has injected a renewed interest in the game. Most courses I’ve played have been packed and I see a lot of young players. A few years back, it seemed the sport was dying. Who knows, this could save the industry?

  • Us

    There are good humansThere are bad humansWhite, black, brown, tan, orange, whatever colorThere are people with irrational beliefs based on some tragedy from years pastThere are people with mental issues and chemical imbalancesThere are politicians There are soul-less people and there are amazing generous peoplePolitics can’t solve every issue. Your vote can solve some public […]

  • The Monster of all Tradeoffs

    I hesitated to write about this publicly. I’m not one to publish my opinions about current events, political issues or fake news. Usually, I stick to music and after reading this you might agree. What’s happened since January is a once-in-a-generation event. It’s so monumental, we probably won’t be able to get proper perspective for […]

  • Time Stand Still

    Absolutely epic. This was one of my favorite Rush songs of that era. This group has captured the essence of this song in such a beautiful rendition – without drums.

  • Must Listen: Noah Kagan Podcast

    Noah Kagan – 000: The Beginning – #iTunes A must listen for any type of online marketer. — Mike Echlin (@mechlin) January 17, 2017

  • May The Fourth Be With You

    I woke up thinking about how all water in the ocean is being held down by gravity and how it’s a true miracle we just don’t go shooting off the planet into space. Life is good.  I appreciate everything and everyone around me.  The more positive I become, the more positive situations occur. The more […]

  • Why Radio Is Still Relevant (Part I)


    …And it will be for a long time to come. Three reasons: 1)Free 2)Curated 3)Simple I just read Macklemore’s post on his meteoritic rise to international superstar.  One year ago, he and his team were an underground rapper/band playing any venue possible to an audience of 10-100 people. After his first single, “Thrift Shop” going […]

  • 4th Annual Rock The Heart Benefit

    Today is the 4th annual Rock The Heart benefit, which is organized by the Fox Valley Heart Foundation. It’s an awesome event that has been held each year at Ballydoyle’s Aurora. The Fund focuses on increasing awareness and education through community outreach programs and public workshops related to cardiovascular risk reduction topics. It has been […]