Some people start out life in a very unconventional manner. Mike falls into that camp. Adopted at 3 months old, Mike was handed over to a young couple who couldn’t have children. Given the false start, he landed with a loving family and his upbringing was very common for the southside of Chicago. His adoptive parents were a paramedic and secretary.

He fell in love with music and piano and very young age and his mother pressed him to take piano lessons for many years. He became proficient on piano and dove into Jazz improv classes at St. Xavier College while he was still in high school.

Given the influences of Rock and Blues in south Chicago, he was obsessed with bands like Styx and REO Speedwagon since members of those bands grew up in the same area.

Picking up bass and guitar in his teens, he start writing songs and recorded his first demos at Hair Bear Studios in Evergreen Park, IL.

Fast-forward a decade or so, Mike dug into songwriting and penned hundreds of songs and released his first album in 2002. “It’s About Time” was released shortly after his third child was born. He played all instruments and self-produced the album in his newly built home studio.

The second studio album, “The Way Home” was released on 2008 and worked with Eric Swanson on drums and Amery Schmeisser as mixing engineer. Other than drums, on 3 songs, all other instruments and arrangements were done by Mike.

He has worked with many bands such as; dada, The Damnwells, Devin Dawson, Kevin Presbrey and The Cerny Brothers.

Mike continues to write and produce music for sync and has had placements with Sesame Street Workshop, Houghton Mifflin and Xata Turnpike to name a few.

Mike Echlin on stage at MT Barrels
Mike Echlin

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