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  • Learning To Fly Video (Tom Petty Cover)

    Well, I started outDown a dirty roadStarted out all aloneAnd the sun went downAs I crossed the hillAnd the town lit upThe world got still I’m learning to flyBut I ain’t got wingsComing downIs the hardest thing Well the good ol’ daysMay not returnAnd the rocks might meltAnd the sea may burn I’m learning to…

  • What Makes A Hit Song?

    What Makes A Hit Song?

    How many artists does it take to write a hit song? What is a “hit” anyway? How does one song makes its way into enough of the right ears to gain enough critical mass to make a life of its own? Here’s what GPT3 has to say:

  • Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

  • “It’s About Time” – 20 Years Later

    “It’s About Time” – 20 Years Later

    Hard to believe I released “It’s About Time” 20 years ago! This was my first official studio album. I’ve been writing and recording since about 1984, but until 2002, all those hundreds of songs were just demos. On 9/11 (yes that 9/11), my wife and I met with a contractor to finish our basement which…

  • John Mayer’s Cover of Freefallin’

    When I first saw JM cover this tune at his LA concert, I was blown away. The harmonies, tags and performance are amazing. Here’s my humble attempt.

  • Rock The Heart 2022

    Rock The Heart 2022

    This amazing event was created thirteen years ago by my good friend Dana Balicki, supporting women’s heart health. I’ve had the honor to play several times and this one really was special. Given the pandemic, they had to take a few years off and this was the first one in 3 years. What made it…

  • Penrose Brewery – Geneva, IL.

    Penrose Brewery – Geneva, IL.

    Who doesn’t love an Oktoberfest!? The good people at Penrose Brewing in Geneva, IL. definitely do it right! Complete with lederhosen and beer stein holding contests. I had the honor to close out the night playing some tunes at their 2022 Oktoberfest on Sept. 17. Their microbrew line up is stellar and they did a…

  • Let’s open with “More Than A Feeling!”

    It’s the summer of 1985 and I’m 16 years old.  Been driving since April and the band I was in found a Battle of the Bands opportunity at the Thirsty Whale in Rosemont, IL. This place was legendary in the 80s for hard rock. So, I lied about where I was going, to be able…

  • My Top 10 Music Docs

    Here’s my top 10 music documentaries and/or music docu-dramas. Each one is linked to either a DVD or streaming source. The Last Waltz Sting – All This Time (Filmed on 9/11) George Harrison – Living In The Material World The Search for Robert Johnson Bob Dylan – No Direction Home The Rolling Stones – Gimme…

  • Brianna


    An old friend from the Southside started an entertainment agency a few years back. He was packing clubs in Wisconsin doing “Idol-like” events and finding some great young talent. Last year, he reached out and told me about Brianna and sent me a few videos. Immediately I heard the raw talent. Beautiful voice with a…