What Makes A Hit Song?

ai-generated image with a fire sky and man on a platform

How many artists does it take to write a hit song?

What is a “hit” anyway?

How does one song makes its way into enough of the right ears to gain enough critical mass to make a life of its own?

Here’s what GPT3 has to say:

A hit song is a song that becomes very popular and commercially successful. There is no one definitive answer as to what makes a hit song, as the factors that contribute to a song’s success can vary greatly depending on the genre, the audience, and the time period. However, some common factors that can contribute to a hit song include:

  • Catchy melodies and hooks: One of the most important aspects of a hit song is its ability to stick in the listener’s head. A song with a memorable and infectious melody is more likely to be a hit than a song with a more complex or abstract musical structure.
  • Relevant lyrics: A hit song often has lyrics that speak to the experiences and emotions of its audience. Whether it’s a love song, a political anthem, or a party anthem, a hit song often has lyrics that resonate with its listeners.
  • Strong vocals: A hit song often has a strong vocal performance, whether it’s a powerful belting chorus or a soulful ballad. A singer with a unique and captivating voice can help make a song a hit.
  • A memorable music video: In the age of streaming and social media, a music video can be a powerful tool for promoting a song. A hit song often has a visually striking and memorable music video that helps it stand out and grab the attention of its audience.
  • Timing: Finally, timing can also play a role in a song’s success. A song that is released at the right moment, when it resonates with the current cultural climate and trends, is more likely to become a hit than a song that is released at the wrong time.