“It’s About Time” – 20 Years Later

Hard to believe I released “It’s About Time” 20 years ago! This was my first official studio album. I’ve been writing and recording since about 1984, but until 2002, all those hundreds of songs were just demos.

On 9/11 (yes that 9/11), my wife and I met with a contractor to finish our basement which would include a small project studio. I wanted to cancel the meeting given how the world changed that day, but he was already at our doorstep around 9:45am and we hastily met with him anyway.

One year later, I culminated 11 songs and recorded them in the newly built basement studio. I even bought a 24-track digital workstation (Roland RS-2480) and took on every aspect of the project; all instruments, engineering, mastering and swearing. The only thing I didn’t do was the CD photography and booklet design (props to my sister Kathy!)

I think it’s safe to say the album has withstood the test of time. I was heavily influenced by the vibe of Pete Yorn and dada and the time and you can hear 90s rock tucked in some of the songs. I wasn’t trying to emulate any particular artist and in fact, tried to create a musical landscape that was my own.

The album didn’t quite produce a full-time music career, but I am proud of the result. I have thought about re-mixing and mastering the album over the years, but when I listen, it has a certain sound. The borrowed drums (thanks Greg F), small sound room, cheap mics, guitars that I don’t have anymore… I don’t know – I think it should stay how it is. I saved the hard drive from the Roland workstation (gone for years now), so if I want to pull the .wav files off I can re-mix I suppose.

The process was truly a labor of love. Since my kids were babies at the time (Evan born during the recording process), I usually went downstairs after 9pm when the kids were asleep and worked until midnight-ish. It’s funny, I remember the project but there’s so much involved, I’m amazed how much was done in a short period of time. I guess that’s what happens when you set goals!

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