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  • “The Way Home” – 14 Years Later

    14 years ago, in the Spring of 2008, I released my 2nd studio album. I had very little free time available, with 3 kids and running a PMO team at HSBC. I’ve always made time for music since getting into the tech world around 1991. This particular album project was especially challenging since I had…

  • NFTs in 2022

    Happy New Year! Hope this year finds you healthy and brings you many good things. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the blockchain and NFTs and getting very interested in the potential. As I always do, diving in the deep end and learn by doing. As such, I’ve launched my first NFT collection…

  • New Single, “Waterloo”

    This song was inspired by several trips to Waterloo, IA. It’s really about any small town USA, where it’s great to place to grow up. Then maybe you stay – or go. ~Available everywhere on 9/10/21~Find on your fav service It’s a great lifeAlive and kickin’Motor runnin’Living every day by the hour, by the minuteWe…

  • New Single – “Let Me In”

    I wrote this song about 10 years ago. I tend to write songs and then there’s something about it that isn’t fitting, so I put it on the shelf. I was about to re-shelve this one until I found a great acoustic drum beat that fit the song perfectly. ~Available everywhere on 7/2/21~ I’m on…

  • All About That Bass

    I’m a huge fan of the bass guitar. I think it’s the most underrated instrument in modern music. If you took the bass out of 90% of the rock songs between 1972 – 2000, those songs would be completely different. Bass was my second instrument and started playing at 15 years old. My first bass…

  • Quarantine Sessions: Inthemiddle

    Quarantine Sessions: Inthemiddle

    Here’s a song about growing older and stopping to take in the scenery. This is the second song in the quarantine sessions series where I just use my iPhone voice memo to record a single take. Here’s a link to Distrokid (my distributor) and they have links to all the digital services.

  • Quarantine Sessions: American Girl

    Quarantine Sessions: American Girl

    After playing all these livestreams, it dawned on me that I could record these raw versions and release them. So I’m doing it. Here’s the deal.. Single take, no edits no studio magic. Just me+guitar+iPhone. First song to be released is a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song – “American Girl.” Here’s the link for…

  • Virtual Happy Hour

    Virtual Happy Hour

    You know the line, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”! Well it absolutely applies when you are talking about a livestream at 5pm. Any timezone can watch. Check it out here on my Facebook page: You can also watch past livestreams here.

  • Gigable Favs Playlist on Spotify

    Since 2015, I’ve been building this playlist which can be generally categorized as Americana, but it contains much more. 42 hours and 52min more to be exact! Enjoy!

  • Time Stand Still

    Absolutely epic. This was one of my favorite Rush songs of that era. This group has captured the essence of this song in such a beautiful rendition – without drums.