Free Gomez Album

This is one of the best bands to see live.  This album is free.

Music is launched!

It’s official.  The mission has started.


1000 Recordings

My plan is to record and archive 1000 songs.

A life’s work. Literally. Why 1000?  Because it seems impossible, yet people have done it.  Dylan and The Beatles supposedly have over 1000 recordings.  “Recordings” not original songs.  There are studio and live recordings.  Bootleg and official.

This ridiculous goal is not so much about the number as it is the journey – as they say. I want my great-grandchildren to sort through the metadata and say “here are all the songs where great-grandpa Mike played drums.”

It will be an archive, a library of work.  Some original and some cover songs.  It will be a compilation that contains diversity and excellence (and perhaps a hit or two!).  There will be many contributors (I hope) and they will have attribution in the archive.

We will record in many different places using many differenty type of instruments.  All captured in the metadata.  Each recording will be date-stamped and numbered.

In order for a recording to “qualify” it should be a complete idea and fully produced. (I already have hundreds of riffs and ideas captured in many different ways and those don’t count until they are matured into a complete song.)

The songs can be instrumental, but music contain a melody. Any old two-minute jam won’t cut it (unless it’s awesome with a melody).

This seems silly, yet feels important.  This is my Mars exploration, my crossing the English Channel.

Stay tuned.


7Horse – Check out some new music from the members of Dada


David Gray Releases Live Album Exclusively On Groupon

A digitally downloaded album, unlike a CD, doesn’t take up space in a car and can’t be mistaken for a pizza cutter. Enjoy carefree musical ownership with today’s Groupon: for $6, you get a digital mp3 download of David Gray‘s Lost and Found – Live in Dublin 2011 album, available exclusively to Groupon subscribers (a $12.99 value). All Groupon subscribers can download a free track from the album before purchasing this Groupon.


Douglas Coleman Interview

A big thanks to Douglas Coleman for the interview on his radio show.  Douglas is just getting started with a web radio program and is inviting artists to submit music and talk about their work.


You can listen to the full interview here.


Thanks Douglas and good luck with the radio show!


Music for Xata

Wrote and recorded a little instrumental bed for this software company.


just finished the first “collective” session.

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Original Song: In The Middle

It’s mid-November
Dark and damp
The flock overhead
Blanket the sky

So open your mind
To the possibility
That this is just
The beginning

From time to time
Everyone wants
A crystal ball
Because we need to know

You’re in the middle
Of life
Yeah, you’re in the middle
Of love

It’s late December
Just a little lonely and cold
And you haven’t finished
Writing the chapter
But it’s just not really up to you
So wait a little longer for the story
To end