“The Way Home” – 14 Years Later

14 years ago, in the Spring of 2008, I released my 2nd studio album. I had very little free time available, with 3 kids and running a PMO team at HSBC.

I’ve always made time for music since getting into the tech world around 1991. This particular album project was especially challenging since I had started writing the songs 3 years earlier. Time was ticking and I knew I wanted to release another album. Finding 30 minutes here and there and some late nights, I tracked all the songs in my home studio.

I remember the Fall days in ’07 going downtown Chicago to Gravity studios and mixing a couple of the songs. Digging into a vibe of what it means to be an artist in Chicago. The balance of the album was mixed by Amery Schmeisser at Gravel Road Studios.

Maybe you remember 2007-08? Financial crisis? The subprime mortgage industry was collapsing and lucky for me *sarcasm*, that was the division I worked for at HSBC. As fate would have it, my last day at HSBC was the same week I received 3 boxes of freshly minted CDs entitled “The Way Home.”

It was a defining moment. “Turn the page.” 14 years later, I see it as a win.