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  • Official Release: “Save Yourself”

    Official Release: “Save Yourself”

    So this new song, “Save Yourself” is not that new.  I wrote it years ago and released it as a demo, which is why it may sound familiar. I took it back in the studio with my good friend Chris Walke on pedal steel and Amery Schmeisser as Producer. They really helped transform and evolve […]

  • Music is changing, here’s why…

    Music is changing, here’s why…

    As a musician, songwriter and co-founder of Gigable, I hear a lot of people saying there is “no good music these days.” What really strikes me is that I think it’s the opposite!  There’s more great music being produced every day than any other time in history. It’s just that the traditional ways to discover pop […]

  • What is Spotify (et al.) good for?

    Spotify is great for exposure to a worldwide audience. It’s not great as an income source or true fan building. Release singles to the digital world, then drive new listeners back to a self-branded website to find out who they(fans) are.

  • Behind the scenes: Gigable Showcase at Woodstock Opera House

    We had an amazing night hosting our first show in the Americana series. All three bands knocked it out of the park and the crowd showed lots of love. The production staff at Woodstock Opera House are top notch and we look forward to working with them on many more shows. Here’s some behind the […]

  • Artist of the week – Joe Bonamassa

    Artist of the week – Joe Bonamassa

    Scotty Crosby turned me on to Joe Bonamassa a few years back (thanks Scotty!) Joe is an amazing guitar virtuoso and has killer live shows. The song of the week is called “I Know Where I Belong” and is a live recording from a recent show. If you like hard rockin’ blues, you will love […]

  • Artist of the week – Shovels & Rope

    Artist of the week – Shovels & Rope

    I first saw these two in a video somewhere and thought they were weird. Maybe they are, but their music is quite captivating.  This week’s song is called “Birmingham” and it’s pretty sparse (as is most of their music) but very engaging. Sign-up for the Artist Spotlight to get the MP3. (Blue button to the […]

  • How We Got To Creekside Tap

    How We Got To Creekside Tap

    Here’s a quick story on the gig I’m playing on 1/17/14 at Creekside Tap in Algonquin, IL. A few years back, we bought some flooring from a store here in West Dundee and dealt with a very nice salesperson named Val. We are very happy with the flooring and have seen Val around town for […]

  • The Future Of Pop Music

    The Future Of Pop Music

    Steven Hyden just wrote an excellent article on the state (and potential future state) of pop music. He contends that pop music and thus pop stars are becoming an accessory to selling technology. Can’t argue with that at all. However, I believe the bigger issue is “pop music” as a category. What is “POP” anyway? […]

  • One

    One simple piece of truth Can change your whole perspective One simple dose of honesty Can start to cure the troubled mind One simple piece of fiction Can obscure a belief for a lifetime One simple lie can alter The course of history Which way should you travel at the crossroads? Some roads are one-way […]