Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope you all are enjoying a day off and giving some thanks!  

I spent the morning in the studio working on some new songs by Nick Kraly.  Look for these new tracks in December.

There are three new songs posted on 1000SongMission.com this week.

Tell Her This is a Del Amitri cover song that has been a staple in my acoustic set for years.  Love playing this song.  I used a recently acquired Ibanez acoustic that was given to me by Fox Valley Performance Center (ok – I won it in a raffle).  But, it’s very cool and designed by local company called Artisticology.

The next tune is called Posters and was recorded at a house concert last summer.  I played bass on this song and it was performed by Michael Gurley (dada).  This was really a highlight to play with Michael as I have been a huge dada fan for 20 years!

The third song is the classic, Sweet Child ‘o Mine!  This tune was requested by one of our Executive Producers, James Hargrave from the land down under.  Thanks again James!

That’s all for now – enjoy your turkey or tofu or whatever.

Look for several new tunes in December.


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