Solving Problems Using “Internal” Resources

The paradox for finding the right solution (for any problem) these days is that our instinct is to seek outside resources.  With all the innovation, tools, apps, shortcuts, etc. available to us we look for a quick fix externally, rather than an internal remedy.

The quintessential example is the story about writing in zero gravity. Supposedly, the U.S. spent millions on a pen that would write in space. The Russians used a pencil.

Another example I like to use is The Beatles.  They recorded some of the most timeless music in history with very little technology.  In fact, they trained themselves to “problem solve” using internal methods – getting more creative with existing tools, rather than looking for external shortcuts.

The result of forcing yourself to problem solve “internally” is that you improve common sense, sharpen your creativity (and save lots of money).

The time will come when you’ve exhausted internal resources and common sense and you will need to go externally to get the next level. By maintaining this practice, you will easily spot the problems that really do need external solutions.

Mike’s Open Studio on Sunday, 1/31/10

You’ve heard of the open house, well here is the “open studio.”  The first one is happening this Sunday at noon.

Random musicians coming together to create something new.  Everyone brings ideas and contributes equally.


  1. Bring at least one musical and one lyrical idea and an open mind.
  2. All finished songs/ideas are published with Creative Commons licensing on this blog.
  3. Most instruments provided.


I’m not limiting the number of musicians at this time.  RSVP is required by commenting below. 

Please post questions below so others can see!