Gigable Update: August 2019

It’s really hard to believe we officially launched the beta website for Gigable in December of 2013. It wasn’t even called Gigable then. Our new brand was born in 2014 and we haven’t changed much about it since.

To provide a little more context on why Gigable exists, let me explain a few points. As a gigging musician since 1987, I’ve witnessed a lot of different live scenarios. Many involve playing to a handful of people. All along the way, I thought there had to be a better way to get people out to a gig.

Fast forward 30 years and I’ve learned there are many ways to accomplish a full house. Most importantly, it starts with world-class songs and a great performance. Even then, getting a full room is not guaranteed. It takes many years of emotionally impacting a LOT of people with your music. Michael Gurley said it best, “when a song moves you, the song wins.” And when the song wins, the artist and fan win. In order for a song to move a person emotionally, they need to hear it a lot.

This is all foundation on why Gigable was started. Since 1933, FM radio has been influencing billions of people by showcasing a narrow list of artists and songs (i.e. top 40). There’s a psychology about how people internalize and grab on to a song forever. Radio perfected this for 70 years.

What we’re doing at Gigable is simply just the next generation of “radio.” Curating emerging music and providing a limited selection via playlists. The twist is that we also co-promote the live show at the very same instant.

So, what is Gigable in 2019? We are a music platform that inspires music fans to discover new music and go out to a show. We have a geo-located playlist that helps people find the nearest, next show. We also have a podcast channel that highlights artist interviews and in-studio performances.

Since 2016, our app has been downloaded thousands of times and avid music fans are finding their next favorite artist. This year, we have partnered with a handful of venues in Chicagoland to enable more relevant shows. Some of our venue partnerships include; The Venue, The Haight, Lemont Quarries, Time Out Chicago, Mockingbird Bar & Garden and Hey Nonny.

Soon we will be announcing some exciting new features in conjunction with these venues!

Thanks for following along and get the app if you don’t have it! (It’s free.)


National Dog Day 2014

In honor of National Dog Day, here are some pics of our pups!


Goodbye 2013

We barely knew you… The baker’s dozen year. The darkest night in 500 years happened just 2 days ago.

I worked with a guy who stayed home every Friday the 13th.  Yes, he’s very superstitious.  I wonder if he’s happy 2013 is over?

There were bright spots this year.  The DOW is up over 24%, which is the best performance since 2003. The housing market steadily improved, but we still have a ways to go since 40% of homeowners have negative equity. All American’s have health insurance – right?

There were some dark spots too, but much will be written about those so I’ll stick to the positive.

My little incubator launched two startups this year;  Milefork and Gigable. We have a little spark in both and will be working hard to build momentum in 2014.

By the way, if you need animations or graphic design, is an excellent resource.  Just do your homework and read the reviews. You will thank me.

Social Media made great strides this year. A whopping 97% of marketers are using social media to engage their customers. Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs lead the pack in effectiveness. Podcasting may be the newest medium to take off in 2014. You heard it here first.

Miley made a big splash to return to the spotlight. My thoughts on pop music here. I’ve heard so many mixed opinions about the state of music.  The fact is there is more music being recorded now than ever.  The problem (for some) is finding the good stuff. The “good stuff” is objective of course, but many people over 30 have given up on FM radio completely. My thoughts on radio are here.

I hear a lot of small business owners still blaming the economy for lack of revenues. However, when you look closely, I don’t think its the economy’s fault.  If you have a GREAT product or service and treat your customers like gold, your business should flourish – in any economy. I think the economy is just fine for the most part.  Have you traveled lately? Planes are full.  Restaurants are busy – the good ones anyway. There’s $16 trillion exchanging hands in our economy as of June 2013. I’m not an economist and I also ignore major news media.

So, what will 2014 bring?  I have no idea, but I’m pretty excited about the prospects.


Change is good

I’ve made a few changes for my music and blog site.  What you are looking at is the new blog which will be at

My original website containing my music, gigs, etc. can be found at

Welcome back and let’s talk!  What say you?


Create For Yourself

Most songwriters, artists and creators in general usually think in terms of creating a product for external consumption. I know I do.

However, it’s a good practice to create things for yourself.  This means creating something that is out of your comfort zone that no one would ever see.  Create something that uses skills outside your expertise. This builds the creative muscle and will most likely give you more ideas for your primary creative endeavors.

Todd Henry, author of “The Accidental Creative” calls it Unnecessary Creation.  Allow yourself to dig deep into something that you never plan on showing anyone.

You will be surprised at the results.


Name this tune

I wrote a simple tune for a friend's photo website ( and the tune needs a name.

Post ideas!



Running Out On This (Demo – v1.4)


How does it feel
To be so close
To everything
You want

Somewhere down the line
You can search, but you can’t find
You can run but you can’t hide
No you can’t – run out – on this

How does it feel
To be so bold
To ask – for more

Mike’s Open Studio on Sunday, 1/31/10

You’ve heard of the open house, well here is the “open studio.”  The first one is happening this Sunday at noon.

Random musicians coming together to create something new.  Everyone brings ideas and contributes equally.


  1. Bring at least one musical and one lyrical idea and an open mind.
  2. All finished songs/ideas are published with Creative Commons licensing on this blog.
  3. Most instruments provided.


I’m not limiting the number of musicians at this time.  RSVP is required by commenting below. 

Please post questions below so others can see!


Loads of new music


Coming soon..  a USB drive filled with music from 5 different artists/bands!  That could be well over 100 tunes.

Send me a link if you know of a band/artist who should be included.