Creativity Weekly Review

Week in Review – Dec 12

Writing has been a double-edged sword my entire life. I enjoy the thought of writing. I enjoy reading or listening to something I wrote when it hits the mark. Usually it doesn’t, thus the other side of the sword. It’s that judgmental side of creating, ‘this might suck’ that stops us.

This week I took in a lot of feedback from two sources about the creation process:

  1. Seth Godin – The Practice
    An incredibly deep look at the habits and process of creating something. Songs, books, content, whatever. Two key takeaways: 1) you need a daily practice, even if its 10 minutes and 2) you need to understand why you are creating and who it’s for.
  2. Interview with Jerry Seinfeld
    Tim Ferris and Jerry talk in depth about his writing process over the span of 50 years. It’s crazy simple, but not easy.

If you are creating something, anything, hit reply and tell me about it!

Finds Life Weekly Review

Week in Review – Dec. 5

Entering the last month of 2020. Whew. Let’s hope 2021 is a complete turnaround.

Here’s some cool stuff I found last week:

Interview of Daniel Eck on the Tim Ferris podcast. Most of the interview is Daniel talking about his growth as CEO at Spotify. Interesting to hear how he tackled the massive changes a company goes through from startup to going public. Being Swedish seems to be an advantage.

If you are into crypto trading, I stumbled upon a way to earn some free cypto on Coinbase. I’m not a financial advisor, but $50 in free Stellar Lumens is not too shabby for answering a few questions.

Queen’s Gambit is extremely bingeable (is this a word?) on Netflix. I learned chess as a kid and this series got me back in the game. Really, really good – even if you don’t play (or like) chess.

My wife found this aromatherapy diffuser on Amazon and after a bit of research, seemed to be a solid choice. It comes with 10 oils, which is cool since the oils themselves can be costly. This model is $39 and qualifies for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

On the music front, I was excited to connect with Claudia Gibson, a fantastic folk artist from Wimberly Texas. She will be a guest artist on an upcoming Writer’s Round!

Hope these finds are useful and hope you have a great week!