Unreleased Song of the Month – October 2020

This month, the new song is called “Let Me In” I wrote this song some years back, but never released it. I’ve been playing it lately on the livestreams and working on the recording as we speak.

Here’s the demo:

Let Me In (Demo)

I’m on the outside looking in
So how would it feel
To let me in
Forget the things that your mother told you
About the friends you made and the enemies around you
They all surround you
Like people at a parade

Will you be there for me
Will you wait for me

Verse 2
Everyone pitches in
To solve your only problem
So how do you fit in
To the unfitting ways of the world?
They just don’t fit


If I could help you through
All the things that ail you
Would you let me in, let me in?


Music & Lyrics by Mike Echlin

Are you an artist? Or do you know any artists? I’d like to add cover art for this single. Send me your ideas and I’ll post it on this page and we’ll let the audience choose!