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  • My Computer Kept Crashing…

    My computer kept stopping with a “system overload” error as I was trying to record the acoustic guitar part.  My Macbook Pro is old but mighty (for a while longer I hope!). I changed some parameters and finished the track. Then, listened back. Horrible. “This sucks, @#$%! it” and I closed Logic (recording software).  Then […]

  • “Somewhere” Lyrics

    I’m drivin’ somewhereAnd you’re cryin’ somewhereAnd if time brings us togetherWe’ll make it through another day Well it’s just a mad raceAnd there is no finish lineYes, you’re in a mad raceAnd there is no medal in the first place I’ll never wantTo leave you all aloneI’ll be right next to youOut there – somewhere […]