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  • Gigable Update: August 2019

    Gigable Update: August 2019

    It’s really hard to believe we officially launched the beta website for Gigable in December of 2013. It wasn’t even called Gigable then. Our new brand was born in 2014 and we haven’t changed much about it since. To provide a little more context on why Gigable exists, let me explain a few points. As…

  • New Music – July 2019

    New Music – July 2019

    At Gigable, we spend a serious amount of time listening to new artists. Every week we find, listen and curate dozens of emerging artists. Why do we do this? Well, for one, we love music. It’s really a miracle to continually find such talented musicians and songwriters. Just when we thought we heard it all,…

  • What is Spotify (et al.) good for?

    Spotify is great for exposure to a worldwide audience. It’s not great as an income source or true fan building. Release singles to the digital world, then drive new listeners back to a self-branded website to find out who they(fans) are.