“Somewhere” Lyrics

I’m drivin’ somewhere
And you’re cryin’ somewhere
And if time brings us together
We’ll make it through another day

Well it’s just a mad race
And there is no finish line
Yes, you’re in a mad race
And there is no medal in the first place

I’ll never want
To leave you all alone
I’ll be right next to you
Out there – somewhere

You might be, killing yourself
Trying to achieve a perfect day
Reaching for that oasis
Only to find a wicked mirage

I think the fences that we build
For our own security
Keep out the people who
Who we need the most


So Close Yet So Far Away

I thought I was dreaming

When I saw her in Colorado

Familar blonde hair

She moved like a ghost

In front of my bewildered eyes


Last time I saw her

Was 1000 miles ago

I didn’t have the nerve then

And fate was whispering in my ear

Hope faded fast as I hesitated once again

So close yet so far away


I clinged to the fence

And thought there had to be

A reason she showed up here

In the middle of nowhere


We’re All In

Got to let the sun shine

Simply because it wants to

Wipe the dirt away

Sing the song that wants to be sung

Time to get out of your own way


Maybe it’s time to take a drive

Put the top down

And have some fun

Figure it out

Figure it in

Here we go

We’re all in

Sometimes the truth hurts

A hefty wage to pay

And you thought it was free

We’re all due for a lesson

Every now and then (even if just once a day)


Maybe it’s time to take a drive

Put the top down

And feel the sun

Figure it out

Figure it in

Here we go

We’re all in

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One simple piece of truth

Can change your whole perspective

One simple dose of honesty

Can start to cure the troubled mind

One simple piece of fiction

Can obscure a belief for a lifetime

One simple lie can alter

The course of history

Which way should you travel at the crossroads?

Some roads are one-way and you didn’t know

Until you look back

After one hundred years


The Strong And The Weak

The story of my life

Goes something like this

Green to red, red to green

First to last, lose to win

You really do light up my life

Like a ray of sunshine

Piercing the gray


What do they say about the strong and the weak?

The winners and the losers?

Where’s the hook

Fill it up sir

It’s going to be a long drive