You Are Cordially Invited

Starting in Movember, 2020 I’ll be hosting a series of virtual private concerts. These are Zoom-powered and crowd participation is encouraged! Livestreaming is ok, but with this format we (the band) can directly interact with you – almost like a real show.

First show is 11/5/20 at 8pm CST. Tickets are $10 for the series of three shows and can be purchased here. Can’t wait to actually see you!

Gigable Music New Music

“Americana Nights”

Starting in March 2018, Gigable will be producing a series of shows at River Street Tavern in East Dundee, IL.

Americana Nights is a series of live shows featuring the best and brightest up and coming talent in these genres – Roots/Americana/Alt-Country/Folk. The shows will be on Sundays or Wednesdays with an occasional Friday or Saturday depending on the artist.

River Street Tavern is fantastic American-style restaurant/bar. The performance room can seat 80 comfortably with a max capacity of 100. They have a roomy elevated stage that will host dozens of artists over the coming months.

Reserved seats for the shows will start at $7.

For tickets and playlists, download the free Gigable app:

$25 VIP Passes Available ($50 Value)