Mike’s Open Studio on Sunday, 1/31/10

You’ve heard of the open house, well here is the “open studio.”  The first one is happening this Sunday at noon.

Random musicians coming together to create something new.  Everyone brings ideas and contributes equally.


  1. Bring at least one musical and one lyrical idea and an open mind.
  2. All finished songs/ideas are published with Creative Commons licensing on this blog.
  3. Most instruments provided.


I’m not limiting the number of musicians at this time.  RSVP is required by commenting below. 

Please post questions below so others can see!

Original Song: In The Middle

It's mid-November
Dark and damp
The flock overhead
Blanket the sky

So open your mind
To the possibility
That this is just
The beginning

From time to time
Everyone wants
A crystal ball
Because we need to know

You're in the middle
Of life
Yeah, you're in the middle
Of love

It's late December
Just a little lonely and cold
And you haven't finished
Writing the chapter
But it's just not really up to you
So wait a little longer for the story
To end