MileFork SEM

Search Engine Marketing Lessons – Part I

adwords-imageOn the front lines today in Adwords and Bing. Here are some quick lessons learned (observed) while managing the MileFork search engine marketing effort:

  • Clicks come in waves.
  • Ad quality indicator doesn’t represent absolute truth.
  • Non-transactional visitors spend about 1-3 minutes on landing page.
  • Google Adwords has added many features for managing campaigns since two years ago.
  • After pausing a Bing campaign, it will take another 24 hours to start serving once resumed.
  • Creating multiple groups within a campaign will help test the strength of a the ad copy.
  • Capitalize Each Word Of the Ad. Use One Exclamation Point!
  • Ad text should capture keywords, qualify visitor and inspire call to action.
  • Test, Analyze, Refine, Repeat.
  • Once you’ve refined a campaign in Adwords, you can import into Bing.