Free SEO Webinar on March 4, 2014

As I have been discussing digital marketing strategies with my clients, I have discovered that there are many new SEO changes that need to be considered.

I have compiled some notes on several discussions and created this webinar.  The webinar is open to anyone and free.  Please join me on Tuesday March 4, 2014 for an hour. There will be some time for Q & A and I’ll pack in as much as possible within the hour.

Register now for the webinar.

Search Engine Marketing Lessons – Part I

adwords-imageOn the front lines today in Adwords and Bing. Here are some quick lessons learned (observed) while managing the MileFork search engine marketing effort:

  • Clicks come in waves.
  • Ad quality indicator doesn’t represent absolute truth.
  • Non-transactional visitors spend about 1-3 minutes on landing page.
  • Google Adwords has added many features for managing campaigns since two years ago.
  • After pausing a Bing campaign, it will take another 24 hours to start serving once resumed.
  • Creating multiple groups within a campaign will help test the strength of a the ad copy.
  • Capitalize Each Word Of the Ad. Use One Exclamation Point!
  • Ad text should capture keywords, qualify visitor and inspire call to action.
  • Test, Analyze, Refine, Repeat.
  • Once you’ve refined a campaign in Adwords, you can import into Bing.