Echlin Media

Many smart people have said to make your plans public. This way, you feel accountable to follow through.

Well here it is.  Echlin Media (probably

The mission is to help small businesses in America. Help them tell their story and find their best customers.

Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, All things creative. is one of our first projects. I will introduce the team in a separate post.

Let me know if you have ideas or would like to understand this concept better.

How To Create A Swag Bomb

ecko brands I had to be careful with the title as not to attract attention from the NSA…

I’m a huge Tim Ferris fan.  I’ve read most of his books and the articles on his blog seem to resonate more than anything else I can find.

The latest article was written by Marc Ecko (Ecko Brands Unlimited) and is pure genius. If you create anything unique; products, art, music, toys, etc… read this article on the swag bomb.

Medium Is Big On Ideas

Medium.comMedium is a… hmm. What do you call it? It’s not a blog. It’s not website in the traditional sense. It’s a publication that carries many talented folks who write about stuff for which they are passionate. I don’t like the term “e-zine.”

Evan Williams (Co-Founder of Medium and Blogger) says: “Medium is a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends.”

I’ve setup a little shop there and look forward to contributing.

Wood Egg = Mind Blown

Japan Startup Guide | Woodegg.comSo, in the course of 6 months, my friend Derek Sivers hired a group of freelance writers, editors and admins to publish 16 books. Wood Egg is the culmination of this effort and each book answers 200 questions on how to launch a business in a specific country.

If that just doesn’t blow the doors off entrepreneurism, I don’t know what would. Perhaps, a 2nd edition of each book published by 12/1/14??

Random idea #478

Leap-frog the car radio.

A new "dashboard UI" for the iPhone/Android.  Basic touchscreen with a dock underneath.  Insert your iPhone/Android and the screen presents a your listening options: Pandora, Podcast Subscriptions, XM/Sirius, FM/AM, iTunes library, Nav, Car Info (mpg, oil life, tire pressure, etc…)

All of which are apps and expandable.

Patent Pending