How To Create A Swag Bomb

ecko brands I had to be careful with the title as not to attract attention from the NSA…

I’m a huge Tim Ferris fan.  I’ve read most of his books and the articles on his blog seem to resonate more than anything else I can find.

The latest article was written by Marc Ecko (Ecko Brands Unlimited) and is pure genius. If you create anything unique; products, art, music, toys, etc… read this article on the swag bomb.

Medium Is Big On Ideas

Medium.comMedium is a… hmm. What do you call it? It’s not a blog. It’s not website in the traditional sense. It’s a publication that carries many talented folks who write about stuff for which they are passionate. I don’t like the term “e-zine.”

Evan Williams (Co-Founder of Medium and Blogger) says: “Medium is a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends.”

I’ve setup a little shop there and look forward to contributing.

Wood Egg = Mind Blown

Japan Startup Guide | Woodegg.comSo, in the course of 6 months, my friend Derek Sivers hired a group of freelance writers, editors and admins to publish 16 books. Wood Egg is the culmination of this effort and each book answers 200 questions on how to launch a business in a specific country.

If that just doesn’t blow the doors off entrepreneurism, I don’t know what would. Perhaps, a 2nd edition of each book published by 12/1/14??

Random idea #478

Leap-frog the car radio.

A new "dashboard UI" for the iPhone/Android.  Basic touchscreen with a dock underneath.  Insert your iPhone/Android and the screen presents a your listening options: Pandora, Podcast Subscriptions, XM/Sirius, FM/AM, iTunes library, Nav, Car Info (mpg, oil life, tire pressure, etc…)

All of which are apps and expandable.

Patent Pending