In reverse chronological order, here’s my catalog of musical publishing:

Stock Music for Sync

Here’s a batch of tunes you can use for your next video, cartoon, game or blog.

Multiple, Inc – XATA Project

I’ve been hired a few times by Multiple, Inc. (Formerly SamataMason) to provide musical beds for their clients’ videos. Drums were provided by Amery Schmeisser on this track.

Xata Turnpike


Multiple, Inc. – Education

Multiple also commissioned me to write an original song for Houghton-Mifflin.  When I can find the link, I will post here.


Multiple, Inc. – Video Conferencing

The first project I did for Multiple (SamataMason at the time). This is a slowly building instrumental track that conveys emotion aligned with the improvements of video conferencing technology. Yes, it’s possible to have emotion in video conferencing technology. Link forthcoming.


Jean Lachat – Photography Website

Jean asked me to provide a few instrumental songs for her portfolio website.  It’s a really well-done site and she rocks as a photographer.


Original Album – The Way Home

Mike Echlin: The Way Home


Original Album – Balance

Mike Echlin: Balance


Original Album – It’s About Time

Mike Echlin: It