About Me

I’ve been a technologist since the first time I saw an Apple II in 1982. Being able to give a computer some instructions and it presented results absolutely fascinated me. I stayed after school to learn basic programming in 7th grade. Went to the local computer store and pretended that I was interested in buying a computer. Instead, used it to try out games and programs (they kicked me out every time).

A similar thing happened when I saw someone playing piano, but I was much younger and started on that in 1976.

Many, MANY years later I’m still learning (and teaching) about technology and playing music. Artificial intelligence, Salesforce, cloud computing are all front and center right now.

At present, I’m working with clients in BioTech, Insurance, Pharma and Technology Services to help them build and deploy high-value chatbots. After 25+ years in refining business process through software in 10+ industries, I provide a laser-focus when it comes to finding high-value use cases for artificial intelligence, specifically conversational AI.

I’ve been an investor/advisor/leader in 6 startups since 1990. You can read about my top 16 lessons learned on LinkedIn.

Gigable is a side hustle that was started in 2014. This is where my background in tech and music intersect.

You can find my original music here.

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Mike Echlin

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