My #7daylaunch Post-Launch

It’s been 2 two weeks since I went live with the stock music service. I’d love to say that there’s been a steady stream of subscribers, but alas, that is just not the case. I’m really not discouraged since I’ve been spending time adding more tracks to the catalog.  Based on a few discussions, part of the MVP is catalog selection. My goal is to have 25-30 unique tracks available and then ramp up more discussions with more video producers.

The “P” in MVP is the catalog, in my case. There are many different styles of music that will need to be presented.  Right now, I have an abundance of acoustic guitar-driven songs and need to diversify.

So, my two main goals at this point are:

  1. A diverse selection of tracks in various musical styles.
  2. Discussions with video producers to understand their needs and get feedback on current state of the service.

Once I have time to absorb the feedback and make adjustments, I will be ramping up on a larger marketing plan.

It’s very clear to me that I will need to talk to 10-20 video producers and understand their world.  Once I can integrate those learnings, I will have proven (or dis-proven) minimum viable product for this stock music service.

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