My #7daystartup Day Five

So, I’m getting excited to launch this venture and it’s so cool to have feedback from Dan’s group on Facebook!

Day Five is all about the marketing plan.  Dan provides an excellent list of marketing channels in the book.  I’ve experimented with most of these channels on past projects/startups.  Here are the tactics I’m starting with for the stock music project:

  1. Personal Outreach – I’ve made a list of 50 people in my network to whom I will reach out personally and introduce this business.
  2. Podcast – I started a podcast a few years ago and will resurrect to achieve a few things.  A) Show off the music within the actual podcast for intro/outro and interstitials. B) Interview people in the video/music space and connect with their audience.
  3. Guest Blogging – Make a list of 10-20 blogs where I can submit long-form articles that contribute to the new media industry.

Those are the main tactics I’m starting with and have a list of a few others that are on the back burner until I can measure some results and talk to a few more customers. Online forums being one in particular that I’m gathering more intel.

Also, as an aside I’m considering these “7 days” more like 7 steps since it’s taking me longer than one day to strategize and execute (still have lots of other work to do to pay the bills!)


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2 replies on “My #7daystartup Day Five”

Hi Mike,

I’m inspired. My #7daystartup begins tomorrow – Jan 5. I’m glad I found your blog. It gives me the idea to do the same and commit my progress, or lack thereof, to writing. I think that if I write it down, I’m much more likely to keep moving forward.

Keep moving forward. 2 more days. You can do it.

All the best,

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