My #7daystartup Day Four

Day four is filled with a lot of heavy lifting. In fact, I’m still working on day four tasks after several days.

I’m using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes to run my site. The landing page for the stock music business will be located at

The landing page is up now, however I’m a little stuck on formatting the CTA blocks. I can’t seem to get access at all to the top block. Also need to figure out how to drop in song samples without distracting from the CTAs.

In addition to the layout issues, I’m also trying to decide on pricing and licensing.

Here are the pricing options:

  • Free Access: 2 songs per month with email (non-exclusive license)
  • Premium Access: $19/mo. + $.99 or $49 discounted downloads (non-exclusive or exclusive license)

Discounted song pricing for exclusive songs only good while premium subscription is active.  If canceled prior to one year, a pro-rated fee is charged. *Need to test this with actual customers.

An “exclusive” license means that the buyer has sole rights to use the song for a period of one year.

A “non-exclusive” license means that an unlimited number of buyers can use the song for a period of one year.

At this point, I have no idea how I would track the expiration of these licenses.

Still unsure if I will offer downloads without a subscription?

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Songwriter, Dad and Entrepreneur. Always creating and sharing music. Team builder.

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Hi there! I am your potential future client as I regularly buy music clips for my podcast “Own It! Your Business & Your Life”. Your main competitor is AudioJungle as I like the music they have on there, its not too overwhelming and its simple and easy to understand. I think you are making a few fundamental mistakes here that would stop me from considering your service, the yearly licence being one. Happy to give you more feedback by email! Nicola Cairncross

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