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How To Boost Your Productivity With This Simple Routine

Being self-employed is hard. Sure, there is no boss, but then again no one is giving you tasks.  You have to take it all on and prioritize and make sure the right stuff is getting done.

It gets very stressful and I’ve struggled with minor (and no-so minor) bouts of anxiety.

I’ve done a bunch of research and tested various types of meditation.  Many creatively ambitious people including; Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern, Tim Ferris and many others have discovered a secret.

This is it – and it’s pretty simple.

Two, 20-minute mediation sessions each day.  One in the morning and one in the late afternoon.

The morning session will clear your mind from all the noise and “to-do’s” that are on the list and give you the focus to start knocking them out.  The afternoon session will refill your mental and emotional gas tank and you will feel refreshed for the second part of your day.

Try it for one week and see the results.

If 20 minutes is to long, start with 5 or 10.

Just sit in a chair, close your eyes and picture a flame.  Focus on the flame and take deep breaths. Open your throat and breath through your nose. I like to hum which also helps my focus and vocal cords (I’m a singer).

You will likely have many thoughts running through your mind (like this is boring).  Just set all thoughts aside and focus on the flame.

The benefits are astounding.

Focus and energy are the firepower needed to be productive in any field, job, creative outlet, etc.

Let me know how it goes!

By mechlin

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